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    En Laboratorio San José Estamos de tu lado, por eso mejoramos cualquier cotización.

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  • ¡Escudos shields!

     We have a test package for every age!
    From the little ones to the older ones, we can tell you how their overall health is.

    ¡Escudos de la prevención!
  • ¡Hagámoslo juntos!

    Vigila tu salud durante el embarazo con nosotros, programa de pruebas trimestrales cubriendo los indicadores más importantes durante cada etapa.

    ¡Hagámoslo juntos!
  • Tests: Covid-19

    Don't take any chances! 
    Arrive at the airport with your test results, take your flight with peace of mind and depart to your destiny without troubles.
    Without wating lines and exposing yourself, book your appointment now.
    Covid Tests
  • LSJ Express

    At your home, office or hotel! 
    Our Lab Express comes to wheever you are, complying with all the protocols and safety measures that we apply in the branch. In addition, we can perform any of our tests and the results would as quickly as in the branch.
    Contact us to schedule our visit!
    LSJ Express

    60 años siendo confiables

    Our history

    Since 1963 we have experienced a great evolution thanks to the continuous innovation in products and services, the quality of our work with the latest generation equipment, and the highly qualified and committed personnel.

    We constantly reiterate our commitment to health care through innovation, technology, quality, and good service.

    Results Online

    See the results of your laboratory tests 


    Reference Laboratories

    Our Quality Policies

    We are committed to:

    Health checks

    Laboratory tests indicated once a year for the prevention of:

    Thyroid, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gout, infections, anemia, and bone health

    Laboratory tests indicated once a year for the prevention of:

    Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gout, infections, anemia, and bone health.

    Laboratory tests indicated once a year for the prevention of:

    Prostate cancer, diabetes, gout, cardiovascular disease, infections, anemia, and bone health.

    Health Checkups are test packages that will help you detect and prevent different diseases. We offer Health Checkups for women, men, children, and others more specifically for the prevention of diseases such as Hepatitis, Thyroid, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Papilloma, and others.

    LSJ Express

    Laboratorio San José has highly qualified personnel in taking blood samples at home and transporting biological material, which guarantees the RELIABILITY of the results in the analyzes that we process.


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