Our history

On March 19, 1963, Dr. Teresa Navas and Fernando Núñez founded the "Laboratorio Clínico San José". They innovate with a different customer service system, as they were part of the first private clinical laboratories, and introduced a dynamic of continuous modernization.

Our mission

Contribuir en el mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de la población costarricense a través de suministros de ayuda diagnosticas que satisfacen las exigencias de la medicina moderna, proporcionando resultados confiables y oportunos con el más alto desarrollo profesional, tecnológico y de servicio.

Our vision

To be recognized as a constantly growing high-tech clinical laboratory, in which our diagnostic tests exceed the requirements and quality standards, expanding its mission to an international range of action.

+60 años

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Branches across the country

What distinguishes us

Specialized Team

Unmatched experience

Fast and accurate results

Highly trained staff

Our Quality Policies

We are committed to:

Thank you and 1000 times thank you!

Your trust and loyalty to our work and the vocation and delivery of our team allowed us to survive a global health and economic crisis that was just beginning a year ago, and make us care for the health of thousands of Costa Ricans, and above all, be a pillar in disease prevention.

🥳  Celebramos 60 años de ser confiables, con tecnología de punta y un recurso first-rate human, and all that we do for you!

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