Our mission

Contribute to improving the quality of life of the Costa Rican population through diagnostic aid supplies that meet the demands of modern medicine, providing reliable and timely results with the highest professional, technological and service development.

Our vision

To be recognized as a constantly growing high-tech clinical laboratory, in which our diagnostic tests exceed the requirements and quality standards, expanding its mission to an international range of action.

¡Compromiso con la excelencia!

LABORATORIOS SAN JOSÉ S.A.ha sido reconocida como una de las Mejores Empresas Centroamericanas. Mejores Empresas Centroamericanas es una iniciativa promovida por Deloitte, Grupo Promerica e INCAE Business School, cuyo objetivo es reconocer a las medianas empresas privadas de Centroamérica y República Dominicana con un alto nivel de desempeño en la gestión de negocios.

+61 años

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Branches across the country


Our history:

On March 19, 1963, Dr. Teresa Navas and Fernando Núñez founded the San José Clinical Laboratory. 
They were the managers of a different system of customer service, since by being part of the first private clinical laboratories, they introduced a dynamic of continuous modernization.

What sets us apart:

Cutting-edge specialized equipment

Unmatched experience and humane treatment

Timely, reliable and accurate results

Highly trained staff

Thank you and thank you 1000 times!

Your trust and loyalty to our work and the vocation and delivery of our team allowed us to survive a global health and economic crisis that was just beginning a year ago, and make us care for the health of thousands of Costa Ricans, and above all, be a pillar in disease prevention.

Celebramos 61 años de ser confiables, con tecnología de punta y un recurso humano de primer nivel,

y todo eso ¡lo hacemos por vos!

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