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General information about the disease caused by a new coronavirus called SARS-COV-2.

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COVID-19 is a disease caused by the new coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2. The WHO first learned of the existence of this new virus on December 31, 2019, when it was informed of a group of cases of "viral pneumonia" that had been declared in Wuhan (People's Republic of China).

Two types of tests are carried out in Costa Rica: the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the antigen test, recently approved by the health authorities, which will be made available to travelers in the coming weeks. .

The tests can be carried out by laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica. The San José Laboratory is authorized by the Ministry of Health and also offers service at home and in some hotels with prior coordination. Only technical personnel from authorized laboratories can take the samples.

In the case of PCR tests, authorized laboratories will take a maximum of 48 hours to deliver the results to the person concerned. The results of the antigen tests are delivered a couple of hours after the sample is analyzed.

The result will be sent to the email provided by the passenger. The latter can present it in print or in digital format to the airline.

The airline is responsible for reviewing the documentation and deciding whether or not you can travel.

*RT-PCR:* Detect the presence of genetic material (RNA) of the virus SARS-CoV-2

This is the most reliable test and capable of detecting the virus in the initial phases; The response time is 24 hours due to the procedure that is carried out, which analyzes 3 genes: E, RdRp and N.

It should be done approximately 4-5 days after having contact with a positive person or when you have symptoms of COVID-19.

Response time 24 hours

Promotional price 45,000 colones

Sample: nasopharyngeal


*ANTIGEN:* qualitative test, This type of test is a rapid test that detects antigens from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. , proteins found on the surface of the virus.

It is regularly used for travel, but it can also be done by discarding, although the best test to rule it out is PCR. It depends on the viral load that the patient has at the time the test is performed.

It is recommended to perform the test in symptomatic patients or in asymptomatic patients with positive contact 5 days after contact.

Negative results from the antigen test cannot be used to rule out a suspected case, but must be confirmed by a PCR test, since false negatives can occur.

Response time 2 hours

Price 25,000 colones

Sample: nasopharyngeal

Sources: Costa Rican Tourism Institute

Rapid Antigen Test

25,000 + VAT
  • Exclusively for asymptomatic people
  • Time for results: 2 hours

Covid-19 PCR test

45,000 + VAT
  • Special price!!!
  • Results time: 24 hours

Most common symptoms

Severe symptoms

IMPORTANT: If you have severe symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. If you have questions, contact your doctor or, in effect, you can call the coronavirus hotline (dial 1322) for more information or questions about Covid-19.


Other less common symptoms

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