Requirements and conditions of the promotion: QATAR CALENDAR 2022


  1. LAB SAN JOSE HNN SA hereinafter known as SPONSOR and ORGANIZER, is the owner and responsible for the promotion called QATAR 2022 CALENDAR. The promotion, its mechanics, advertising and copyright (©) all intellectual property rights that originate and derive from the execution of this promotion, are and will be the exclusive property of LAB SAN JOSE HNN SA

  2. Any person who wishes to participate in the promotion and claim a prize must be aware of these Regulations, since the claim and eventual receipt of a prize entails the mandatory and unavoidable obligation to know the conditions of participation, as well as the conditions, limitations and responsibilities regarding the enjoyment of the prize. Due to the foregoing and for all legal purposes, the sponsor will understand that the manifestation of will of the acceptance of that knowledge, will be verified by the mere fact of participating in this promotion.

  3. The simple act of claiming a prize as described in these regulations, will assume that the participant knows of the existence of these conditions, to which he has adhered.

  4. In the publicity of the present promotion the phrase “Conditions apply. See regulation in and it may also be published in the different media in which the promotion is advertised, as a sign that the participation of those interested, as well as the promotion itself and the prize, is subject to conditions and limitations. These conditions and restrictions are those indicated in this regulation.

  5. Any matter that arises with the promotion and that is not provided for in these regulations, will be resolved by the organizer in strict adherence to the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica.


  1. Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to participate and be a winner:

  1. The promotion is aimed exclusively at natural persons over 18 years of age who have a valid and up-to-date identification document, recognized by the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica. The participation of minors is not authorized.

  2. Those who are employees of the organizing company, their legal representatives, or their relatives by consanguinity or affinity to the first degree may not be winners.


  1. To participate, interested parties who meet the eligibility conditions must follow the following procedure:

  1. Submit the CATAR 2022 CALENDAR of Laboratorio San José duly filled out, with all its markers and teams correctly noted in each phase, the fieldor inclusive.

b) The person who meets the aforementioned conditions will be taken as a participant.


  1. The period to participate is limited. All those who present the correctly completed calendar in the period from December 19, 2022 to January 31, 2023 will participate, considering that the tournament markers end on December 18.


  1. Those who present the calendar with the correct data will be awarded an LSJ CHECK what includes:

  • 1 Hemogram, 1 glucose and 1 lipid profile.


  1. The organizer may publish and disseminate this promotion in any mass media they deem appropriate, whether printed or digital, advertising and social networks, and must at all times inform the interested parties of the conditions of these regulations.


  1. The winner will be anyone who submits the calendar completed correctly amace no later than January 31, 2023 at any branch of LAB SAN JOSE HNN SA

  2. Once the information is received by the organizer and verified that the winner meets the eligibility conditions, the organizer will give the person their respective prize.

  3. The deadline to withdraw the prize is until January 31, 2023.

  4. In the event that the person does not comply with the terms and conditions of this regulation, does not accept the prize or does not withdraw it within the established period, the prize remains at the disposal of the organizer who will dispose of it in the manner they deem appropriate. without any responsibility on your part towards third parties.

  5. The prize must be claimed ONLY by presenting the calendar fphysical, and the person must present their valid and up-to-date identification document. The right to the prize is personal and non-transferable, it cannot be transferred to any person.


  1. The prize only includes what is established in these regulations, not the acquisition of other services not stipulated in these Regulations. Expenses or others not included must be fully covered by the favored person from his own money.

  2. Once the person's calendar has been reviewed and validated, the award is non-transferable and not negotiable, nor can it be traded or exchanged for cash, in addition to being considered very personal.

  3. If it is shown that a person did not provide the correct data, or received a prize through deceit or even mistakenly, the organizer may claim the prize delivered at any time, and reserves the right to take legal action in the case.

  4. If the winner does not accept the prize, does not comply with its conditions, or withdraws from it, this prize is considered waived and extinguished in relation to the winner and he will not be entitled to any claim or compensation, even partially.

  5. The winner must sign the receipt of his prize, accepting all the limitations and conditions that the prize represents and in this way will release the organizer from all responsibility. In the unjustified event of having accepted a prize, but for whatever circumstance, he refuses to receive it or to complete the respective paperwork, the winner will lose his right to receive it.

  6. The organizer will immediately suspend this promotion, without assuming any responsibility, if fraud is detected or if a circumstance of force majeure arises that seriously affects the interests of the organizing company.

  7. The organizer reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time to introduce all those modifications necessary for the smooth running of the promotion. Said modification of the regulation will be included in the substitution of the file in

  8. The organizer reserves the right to suspend the promotion temporarily or permanently in case of technical failures, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the organizer that may affect the development of the promotion, also in case of alteration of documents and information about the winners as well as deception, fraud or falsification, unauthorized manipulation that hinder the normal performance of the promotion and actions that in the opinion of the organizer are illegal and/or may cause harm to the promotion or to the organizer may be prosecuted by the means provided in the Law. You may, at your discretion, hire an impartial third party to carry out a technical study on the circumstances that give rise to doubts regarding the correct progress of the promotion and take the corrective measures that you deem appropriate in favor of respect for the rights of the participants. In case fraud, manipulation or alteration is detected, the Organizer will have full freedom to proceed in the way it deems appropriate without responsibility on its part. The organizer reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time to introduce all those clarifications necessary for the smooth running of the contest and provided that this does not affect the rights of the participants. The above circumstances will be communicated in the same medium as these regulations, such as an addendum, errata or explanatory note.

  9. At the end of the promotion and during the use and enjoyment of the prize, the organizer may make public the identity of the winners with their name, by the same means or means in which the promotion was publicized, or any other means available to the organizer to communicate to third parties the result of the promotion. The person who is favored must be willing (a), without cost for image rights, to have their name, ID and image published, in the media that the organization decides, as well as any other at the discretion of the organizer.

  10. Any doubt or query about the scope and interpretation of this regulation, may be evacuated by email:, during office hours, the attention and response to queries will not imply a total or partial modification of this regulation. , or a waiver of compliance.

Valid, San José, November 1, 2022

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