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14th avenue

In front of the Bible Clinic.
Cathedral, San Jose


Chronos Square

Diagonal to Walmart Curridabat, 2nd floor.


100 meters east of the La Galera service station. At the Pinares Medical Specialties Center.


East side of the Gravilias Sports Square, in the Santa Catalina Clinic.


Diagonal to the Clínica Católica pharmacy. Tepayac Building.

Guadalupe High

El Alto de Guadalupe, in Torre Médica Latinoamericana


From the Pops of the Central Park, 50m to the North. Park Medical Center.

Tibas Center

Plaza del Valle Shopping Center.

La Paco

In front of the La Paco Shopping Center, Escazú.


From Cemaco de Pavas, 100m to the East. 

Santa Ana

City Place

200m north of the Red Cross of Santa Ana.


Multipark office center, next to Construplaza.


175m west of the Brenes hardware store.

Naos Plaza

Heredia, Naos Plaza Medical Center. In front of the New Hospital, First Floor.


100m West from Mas x Menos in Plaza Médica Belén.


Inside Plaza Santa Rosa, Liberia, Guanacaste

Santo Domingo

Behind the Santo Domingo Heredia church, Casa Vieja Shopping Center

square handle

Square handle. Adjacent to Walmart, Alajuela. 

decoration square

Inside Plaza Decosure Shopping Center, Desamparados


Plaza Vivo, Hacienda El Rey, Cartago.


In front of the Tony Facio hospital,

Roosevelt, Limon, Costa Rica

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