Baby check

The determination is made from a venous blood sample from the mother from the ninth week of gestation. 


During pregnancy, a small part of the fetus's DNA is circulating in the mother's blood, which allows the analysis to be carried out without the need to obtain samples from the fetus.
This test looks at the baby's DNA circulating in the mother's blood. In the free fetal DNA (ffDNA) using genetic analysis techniques and the male genes (Y chromosome) are searched for, if they are found, the baby is a boy and if they are not found, it is a girl. This can be known because in a boy the karyotype is XY and in the girl XX, so the presence of the Y chromosome indicates the presence of a male.


Pregnant women from the ninth week of gestation.

technique used

Real Time PCR (RT-PCR). We identified a fragment of circulating fetal DNA from chromosome and in maternal blood. Reliability is higher than 99%.

Type of sample

Blood sample


1 week.


Does not require.

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