Also known:

Count and formula, cell count, cell count with differentiation

systematic name:

blood glucose and urine glucose


What sample is required?

The determination is made from a venous blood sample, or for personal control, a drop obtained from the finger by puncture with a lancet; sometimes a random urine sample is needed. Some diabetics use a continuous monitor that consists of a small sensor placed under the skin of the abdomen and that allows glucose levels to be monitored every five minutes.

Is some kind of prior preparation necessary?

It is usually recommended to fast - refrain from drinking or eating except water - from 8 hours before performing a blood glucose test. In diabetic people, glucose levels can be monitored fasting and after meals to finally achieve better control of the disease. The doctor will take care of providing the appropriate instructions.

Why do the analysis?

To know if the blood glucose level is within the reference ranges; to detect, diagnose and monitor hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes, and pre-diabetic states.

When to do the analysis?

Blood glucose: as part of a routine examination, when suffering from symptoms suggestive of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, and during pregnancy; if you are diabetic, it is done several times a day to monitor blood glucose levels. Urine glucose: usually as part of a urinalysis.

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