Glycosylated hemoglobin

Also known:

Hemoglobin A1c HbA1c A1c Glycohemoglobin Glycated hemoglobin

systematic name:

Hemoglobin A1c


What sample is required?

The determination is made from a venous blood sample.

Is some kind of prior preparation necessary?

For this test you do not need any special preparation.

Why do the analysis?

To identify people at high risk of developing diabetes and as an aid in the diagnosis of diabetes; to monitor diabetes and as an aid in decision-making during treatment.

When to do the analysis?

As part of a routine check-up or if you have risk factors or symptoms of diabetes; after the diagnosis of diabetes, about 4 times a year if the therapeutic objective is not reached or if there are changes in the medication; about 2 times a year if the therapeutic objective has been achieved and correct glycemic control is maintained.

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