Free PSA

Also known:

Free PSA (%fPSA)

systematic name:

Free PSA (%fPSA)


What sample is required?

The determination is made from a venous blood sample from the arm.

Is some kind of prior preparation necessary?

For this test you do not need any special preparation.

Why do the analysis?

The percent free PSA test (%fPSA) is the ratio of the amount of circulating free PSA, compared to the total PSA level. The percentage of free PSA is lower in men who have prostate cancer than in men who do not have this disease.

When to do the analysis?

If the PSA test result is within the borderline (between 4 and 10), the percent free PSA test may be used to help decide if a prostate biopsy should be done. A lower percentage of free PSA means that your chance of getting prostate cancer is higher, and you should probably have a biopsy.

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