Also known:

Intact PTH, PTH (1-84), Parathormone, Parathyroid hormone

systematic name:

parathyroid hormone


What sample is required?

The determination is made from a venous blood sample.

Is some kind of prior preparation necessary?

For this test you do not need any special preparation.

Why do the analysis?

To determine the cause of altered calcium levels; to assess parathyroid function; to diagnose and establish the distinction between the three forms of hyperparathyroidism -primary, secondary, tertiary-; to diagnose hypoparathyroidism; in the course of surgical interventions (to treat states of hyperparathyroidism), to confirm the correct removal of the parathyroid gland or glands causing the problem.

When to do the analysis?

When blood calcium concentrations are higher or lower than normal concentrations; when a surgical intervention of the parathyroid glands is going to be performed and when the doctor wants to evaluate the degree of function of the parathyroid glands.

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