Free T4

Also known:

free thyroxine

systematic name:

free thyroxine


What sample is required?

The determination is made from a venous blood sample from the arm.

Is some kind of prior preparation necessary?

For this test you do not need any special preparation.

Why do the analysis?

To assess the function of the thyroid gland; to help diagnose thyroid diseases; to monitor the effectiveness of treatment of thyroid disease; it is sometimes used to help diagnose congenital hypothyroidism in newborns.

When to do the analysis?

When you have symptoms and signs of thyroid disease and/or pathological growth of the thyroid gland (goiter) or when you have a thyroid nodule (a small lump in the thyroid gland that can be a solid or fluid-filled cyst), also when the TSH test is abnormal or when a person is being treated for thyroid disease.

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